Ex White House Doctor Shuts Down CNN’s Attacks Of Trump

(ReliableNews.org) – CNN host Ana Cabrera and field reporter Jeremy Diamond did their best to make President Donald Trump look bad during a Oct. 4 airing of CNN Newsroom — that is until former White House Physician William Lang set them straight on the facts.

Cabrera and Diamond went out of their way to characterize the president as “weak” and “frail,” claiming an afternoon drive by the president to wave at supporters outside Walter Reed Hospital was a campaign stunt.

Cabrera asked Dr. Lang if the president’s “photo-op” presented an unnecessary risk for Secret Service agents. He responded the risk was nominal as the president and agents were all wearing appropriate protective equipment, “most likely N95 masks.” A fact evidenced by the video and images in the tweet below.

Asked about the president’s health, Dr. Lang replied, “he sounded very strong,” which would indicate a lack of any “significant, active respiratory disease.” Continuing, he added the “only real complaint” had been the presence of a fever.

Meanwhile, the rest of America prays for a swift recovery for the president, first lady, and everyone else affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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