Expert Says Lockdowns Causing More Harm Than Good

( – Mainstream media had a meltdown after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas announced that all businesses in the state could reopen without any limitations regarding the capacity. Other states like Florida and South Dakota eased restrictions months ago.

Stanford University medical professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya says that lockdowns “impose great harm” on individuals. He told Newsweek in an article published on March 11 that harsh restrictions constitute the “single-worst public health mistake” of the last century.

He continued to explain that it would take “a generation” to overcome the “catastrophic” physical and psychological damage created by lockdowns. Additionally, coronavirus-related restrictions have “at best” protected non-essential individuals while exposing frontline workers to the disease. Lockdowns amount to “trickle-down epidemiology,” according to him.

Public health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have pushed back on similar claims. For his part, Bhattacharya recommends social distancing and the wearing of masks for individuals at high risk for carrying COVID-19 and in certain social settings.

At best, information regarding the best way to prevent catching or transmitting COVID-19 is confusing. Be sure to visit the CDC website for its latest guidance on the pandemic.

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