Expert Warns: Biden Border Policy Would Pose Grave Public Health Risk

( – Nearly two months after the presidential election, Americans still do not know who will be their next commander-in-chief. However, it’s very clear that if Joe Biden manages to pull out a win, the country will never be the same again. And he has made no secret that he plans to undo President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. One immigration expert is very concerned about that possibility.

In a December 10 op-ed, Heritage Foundation executive James Jay Carafano is warning America about Biden’s immigration policies. If he takes office, he plans to destroy Trump’s “America First” agenda and once again open the country to a flood of illegals. Carafano is especially concerned about the impact that will have during the pandemic and warns it will “pose grave public health risk.”

With US COVID infection numbers on the rise, the last thing the country needs is an influx of immigrants across the southern border. Hospital and other medical resources are already stretched thin and Biden wants to provide free healthcare to anyone here legally or illegally.

Carafano also reminded Americans to remember the “human cost of encouraging illegal immigration.” Human traffickers take advantage of vulnerable people who want to come to the US and the entire journey comes with the threat of “rape, robbery, murder, extortion and exposure.” Hopefully, none of that comes to fruition and Congress fights back when they come together on January 6th to decide what to do with the Electoral College vote.

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