Expert Weighs in on COVID Timeline

Expert Weighs in on COVID Timeline

( – The US has been fighting the coronavirus for weeks. At times, it feels as though life’s never going to go back to normal, but fortunately, there might be a glimmer of hope. One American official who’s helping to get the country through the pandemic had some hopeful news.

During an April 12 interview on ABC’s “This Week,” FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said scientific models show the US is “very close to the peak” of the pandemic.

Hahn’s remarks come as President Donald Trump looks to the future. The commander-in-chief would like to get the country back to work, but doesn’t want to do it until the health data allows. Currently, the once-great US economy is at a standstill.

One thing is for sure, the peak timeline is welcome news. Americans can’t wait for this pandemic to be over. As of April 13, more than 582,000 people in the US have tested positive for COVID-19, and over 23,000 have died.

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