Explosion and Major Fire at Hillsboro Auto Shop Leaves 3 Dead and 1 Injured

(ReliableNews.org) – Jimbo’s Auto Repair is full-service repair and welding shop helping the people of Hillsboro, Ohio, keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. Sadly, in the middle of the day on an otherwise uneventful Tuesday, tragedy struck, literally rocking the neighborhood and ending with several fatalities.

On November 28, WLWT5 reported there had been an explosion at Jimbo’s shop. The blast caused a fire, killing three people and injuring a fourth. So far, the identities of the victims have not been released. While there was security footage showing the event, the cause of the initial eruption is still unknown. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and fire marshal are investigating the incident to determine what happened.

At least one person who lives nearby reported said that the explosion was so strong, it shook her home. That message was relayed by her husband, Richard Brown, who told the news outlet that he knows Jimbo, the shop’s owner. He called the man a “stand-up guy” and a great mechanic. It’s unclear if Jimbo was one of the victims.

Reporter Danielle Dindak was at the scene after the explosion, showing footage of the building, which was entirely destroyed except for one partial wall that was still standing. The fire was still smoldering at the time. She said the three deceased victims likely worked in the shop but she didn’t have their names. Fire District Chief David Manning said there was “debris all over the road” and said he believed all four victims were Jimbo’s employees. According to NBC News, Manning said the injured person was in stable condition.

Mayor Justin Harsha sent out thoughts and prayers and thanked emergency personnel for their quick response to the incident. He encouraged everyone in the community to band together in the wake of the tragedy and “support one another.”

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