Explosion Near Qasem Soleimani’s Tomb Kills Over 90

(ReliableNews.org) – In January 2020, former President Donald Trump gave the order to assassinate the head of Iran’s al-Quds Force, 62-year-old Qasem Soleimani, while he was in Baghdad. At the time, he was considered one of the most powerful men in the Middle East. The Guardian reported that Soleimani had just touched down in Iraq when he climbed into an SUV with his long-time associate and Iraqi leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis to leave the airport. Multiple US drones struck the vehicle, killing all those inside — including Soleimani. Each year since, Iranians hold a ceremony in his honor memory. This year, a terrorist attack shook the ceremony, killing nearly 100 people.
What Happened?
On January 3, explosions erupted at the memorial ceremony, killing at least 95 Iranians. The US Department of State said it didn’t believe Israel was involved, and Iran’s Minister of Interior Ahmad Vahidi didn’t place the blame on anyone at first. The next day, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. CBC reported that statements on Telegram revealed two ISIS members carried out a suicide mission at a cemetery in Kerman, where the crowd gathered to pay their respects to Soleimani. The pair detonated their explosive belts to carry out the attack. Earlier reports said the bombs were detonated remotely. Either way, the blast not only killed almost 100 people but injured more than 200 others — including women and children.
Responses and Tensions
Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber vowed revenge. He told reporters there would be a “very strong retaliation” carried out by the “soldiers of Soleimani.”

The United Nations Security Council released a statement following the attack, calling the act a “reprehensible act of terrorism.” The group sent their condolences to the victims, wishing the injured a “speedy and full recovery.” The Security Council said any acts of terrorism are “unjustifiable” and said everyone involved in the attack should be brought to justice.

Although Israel was not involved in this particular attack, tensions are still at dangerous highs in the region. Iran-backed Hamas militants in Gaza attacked Israel on October 7, starting the war that has killed thousands and injured countless others. Iran is also upset about Israel’s attacks in Gaza and the fact that the country has the support of the United States.

Escalating tensions, an Israeli airstrike on Christmas Day in Syria killed one of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ top commanders. Plus, a US airstrike on January 4 hit an Iran-backed militia headquarters in Baghdad, killing a high-ranking commander.

ISIS did not reveal a reason for its most recent terrorist attack.

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