Facebook Attacks Trump in Latest Move

(ReliableNews.org) – In January, Facebook banned then-President Donald Trump from its platform. In the months since, the social media site has continued to censor the former POTUS, not allowing him access to his own page. Now, the company has taken it to a whole new level of petty.

On March 30, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump posted a photo on Instagram of the former president in an interview setting. She urged her followers to join her later that night to watch her interview. Later she posted a video that included audio of the interview on Facebook and Instagram but both were removed. Lara received an email from the company saying that they took the videos down because it featured the “voice of Donald Trump” which violates their ban on the former POTUS.

So, not only is the former president not allowed to post anything on his own account, but interviews with him are also banned. That’s absurd. Facebook is out of control and it’s time for Congress to step in to stop the madness.

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