Facebook Flags Mark Levin As Fake News

(ReliableNews.org) – Conservatives have accused Big Tech of censoring them unfairly for years. It’s grown to be such an issue that President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers believe they should repeal the liability protections currently benefiting the businesses. That hasn’t stopped the problem, though. Most recently, talk-radio host Mark Levin was on the receiving end of an attack by Facebook moderators.

On Monday, October 5, Levin revealed Facebook was limiting his page’s reach because of the “repeated distribution of false news.”

Levin says he thinks the social media site is meddling in the election by limiting his show’s influence on the American people. He’s not the only one who was targeted this week.

On Tuesday, Twitter flagged one of President Trump’s messages for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful” COVID-19 information. Afterward, the president once again reiterated that he believes lawmakers should repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects BigTech.

Interestingly, we keep seeing stories about conservatives flagged for their words, but very few liberals are treated the same way. Are the social media companies trying to interfere in the election, as Levin believes? And what is Congress going to do to stop this behavior?

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