FBI Confirms Rapid Rise in Hate Crimes

FBI Confirms Rapid Rise in Hate Crimes

(ReliableNews.org) – Enraged Antifa activists and Black Lives Matter activists laid siege to American cities from coast to coast for more than a year after George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a now-imprisoned police officer. Calls to “Defund the Police” echoed throughout the land, with some Democratic-led cities more than happy to comply. Unsurprisingly, hate crime rates have risen rapidly in recent months, as reflected by a grim FBI notice.

On Monday, October 25, the FBI updated its annual Hate Crimes Statistics Report for 2020. It includes data compiled by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program from more than 15,000 police agencies nationwide.

Sadly, the new report documented 7,759 hate crimes for 2020, with 7,554 of them based on a single bias. According to the FBI, the biases include ancestry, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, religion and sexual orientation.

New media outlets versed in statistics said 2020 experienced the worst hate crime rate since the FBI reported 7,783 criminal incidents for 2008. The Equal Justice Initiative noted the 2020 figure represented an increase of roughly 450 incidents from the year-end totals for 2019.

The annual report, broken down by category, reflected an increase of nearly 62% in hate crimes related to ancestry/ethnicity/race, more than 20% on sexual orientation, 13.4% for religious affiliation, 2.5% on gender identity, 1% for disabilities, and 0.7% based on gender bias.

What are your thoughts? Were you aware of the rising crime rate last year?

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