FBI Searches Home of Mayor Adams’ Longtime Assistant

(ReliableNews.org) – Last year, news broke that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) was under investigation by the Justice Department. FBI agents reportedly seized his electronic devices in November. Members of his inner circle have also been targeted, including one whose homes were raided recently.

On February 29, federal agents descended on two homes owned by Winnie Greco, whose birthname is Zheng Qirong, the director of Asian Affairs for the mayor. Before working for the mayor, she served as a fundraiser for him. Their relationship dates back a decade.

In 2021, Greco helped with Adams’ mayoral campaign. The federal government’s investigation pertains to the campaign and whether it conspired with the Turkish government. The FBI is trying to determine if there was a conspiracy to violate campaign laws between his campaign, the foreign government, and a construction company based in Brooklyn.

Greco is accused of trying to improperly benefit from her role as the director of Asian Affairs. She found herself in trouble after The City reported a tech volunteer for the mayor’s campaign said Greco promised him a job but only if he helped her renovate her home.

The worker allegedly spent months working on her home and was eventually hired as the program coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. He claimed that when he refused to do some of the renovation work on city time and stopped translating her English messages to Chinese, she fired him.

When the tech worker was volunteering for the campaign, a Chinese-American businessman began supporting Adams. He claimed that after Adams won, he was willing to support the mayor. Greco allegedly told him to make out his donation to a nonprofit she founded. At least five other people said they’d also been solicited in a similar manner by Greco.

After the raid on Greco’s homes, the mayor’s office suspended her from her $100,000 per year city job.

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