Federal Crime Fighters Clean Up US Cities

(ReliableNews.org) – American cities increasingly find themselves under assault at the hands of criminal gangs, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter (BLM) agitators. A large-scale federal law enforcement program called Operation Triple Beam is effectively fighting back. The multi-jurisdictional program has overseen dozens of operations resulting in thousands of arrests and counting.

The US Marshals Service issued a press release on Thursday, September 17, detailing the success of their latest operation, which ended in Oklahoma City on Sept. 6. Geared at reducing gang violence, the operation resulted in the arrest of 262 suspects on a wide array of serious offenses, including homicide, assault, weapons, and drug offenses.

Locals, state, and federal law enforcement officers worked together, focusing on neighborhoods impacted by gang violence. As Johnny Kuhlman, the US Marshal for Oklahoma’s western district noted, the operation’s “primary goal” is “to make communities safer.”

Under the decisive leadership of President Trump’s pro-law enforcement administration, joint operations like this continue enjoying nationwide success in cities plagued by gang violence coupled with social and political unrest.

These operations have an immediate impact on communities and are a testament to the administration’s success in making law and order a top priority.

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