Fentanyl Overdose Suspected in Fatalities of Chiefs Fans

(ReliableNews.org) – Five friends gathered for the last regular game of the Kansas City Chief’s season on Sunday, January 7. Three of the men were later found dead. A preliminary toxicology report has now shed some light on what may have happened.

The five friends gathered to watch the Chiefs face off against the Los Angeles Chargers, at Jordan Willis’ Kansas City home. The game was a close one, but quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce managed to pull out a win for the Chiefs. What happened next is heavily disputed. After the game, Willis claims he said goodbye to his friends, walked them to the door, and then went to sleep.

For two days, the families of Ricky Johnson, Clayton McGeeney, and David Harrington could not find the men. They allegedly texted Willis and the other friend multiple times. Finally, on Tuesday, MeGeeney’s fiancé went looking for him and found him, Harrington, and Johnson dead and frozen on Willis’ back porch.

In the weeks after the discoveries, the fifth friend released a statement through his attorney disputing Willis’ claim that he walked them all to the door and went to bed. The friend said that he’s the one who left and Willis was watching Jeopardy with the other friends.

The mystery has cast a cloud of suspicion over Willis and the fifth friend. Fox4 learned the preliminary toxicology reports for the three men have been completed. Sources told the news organization that the tests showed there was fentanyl and cocaine in their systems.

Family members spoke to NewsNation’s affiliate WDAF about the toxicology report and confirmed the substances were found in the men’s systems. Tony Kagay, an attorney for McGeeney’s family, said the report was “just the first step” toward finding out what happened that night.

Detectives with the Kansas City Police Department have insisted no foul play is involved in the deaths. They have said they are not conducting a homicide investigation.

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