Fish With Teeth Stuns Internet

Fish With Teeth Stuns Internet

( – The sea and rivers are full of strange creatures. There are many fish with teeth, even some that eat humans. However, a recent toothy fish stunned the internet.

On August 3, Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina posted photos of one man’s daily catch on its Facebook page: a 9 pound sheepshead fish with human-like teeth. The fish looked like it was smiling, which is creepy for a number of reasons including that it was dead.

Sheepshead fish actually got their name because their mouth looks like the muzzle of a sheep. Since their diet is full of crunchy crustaceans, they need molars to eat their meals — hence the human-like teeth. The fish grow up to three feet long and will grow three rows of teeth in their upper jaw and two rows on the bottom. Their teeth even have enamel like human teeth.

The fish are popular around Jennette’s Pier because they hang out and feed off of the barnacles that cling to the pilings. Social media users had some fun with the fish. One advised the fish to floss. Another person said, “Mr. Ed is missing his dentures.”

The good news is, the fish won’t try to eat human swimmers. They’re not crunchy enough.

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