Florida Has Lowest COVID Rate In The Country Under DeSantis’ Leadership

Florida Has Lowest COVID Rate In The Country Under DeSantis' Leadership

(ReliableNews.org) – Since Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) refused to implement vaccine and mask mandates in Florida from the beginning of the pandemic, he’s faced an abundance of criticism from Democrats across the country. Perhaps thanks to unique policies that highlight freedom of choice, the Sunshine State now ranks the lowest in COVID-19 cases per capita across the continental US.

Despite those who attacked the leader about his policy choices, citing some of the highest coronavirus case numbers among the states in August, it seems stricter policies have little effect on pandemic averages. The compelling data released on October 27 show cases in Florida dropped a whopping 90% since the end of the summer, all the while avoiding mandates and lockdowns.

Policies in the State of Florida

Currently, DeSantis’ state’s daily average is only 8 cases per 100,000 residents, which is nearly half the numbers in California, which happens to have the strictest COVID-19 mandates in the land. Throughout the year, Florida’s governor stopped schools and businesses from requiring masks and vaccinations, much to the horror of the Left and others who praise restrictive measures.

While DeSantis made headlines over his policies regarding the coronavirus and high case numbers in his state, his press secretary Christina Pushaw says the “same media outlets are [now] silent.”

There’s no telling if the governor’s approach is responsible for the drop in numbers, especially considering the delta variant tends to come in waves. Interestingly, it does make one question whether restrictions are necessary if the virus follows the same pattern regardless.

DeSantis Paving a Different Way

Instead of placing restrictions on the citizens of his state, DeSantis concentrated on preserving American freedom in Florida and leaving medical and body autonomy decisions up to individuals and families. He also ensured that “monoclonal antibody treatments and vaccines” were available statewide for those who chose to use them.

The 14-day averages in the Democratic areas of New York, California, and Washington, DC, while low, are sitting at 21, 14, and 12 per 100,000 people, respectively, while Florida is at 8. It’s noteworthy to point out all three regions implemented strict coronavirus measures, unlike the Sunshine State, which has had a freedom of choice policy since March 2020.

Only time will tell if the numbers peak again or if they stay low. Regardless, DeSantis is likely to continue affording his constituents the right to make their own decisions by refusing to lock down his state arbitrarily.

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