Florida Restaurant Shuts Down Due to Employee Shortage

Florida Restaurant Shuts Down Due to Employee Shortage

(ReliableNews.org) – Restaurant owner Boo McKinnon announced on Facebook that she was closing her Winter Park business, Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar-B-Que, after 35 years. Although she has other locations, she reported she was particularly sad about her decision.

McKinnon said she decided to close after business dropped “considerably” because of the “inability to find staff to hire.” She indicated that she pays well, but “no one wants to work.”

McKinnon closed another location in February 2020 but blamed that on poor management. As for the most recent closure, she blamed the “political machine for making it more appealing to not work.” Nevertheless, Florida ended enhanced unemployment benefits in June.

Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fl, made it clear that his state would handle restrictions differently from the onset of the pandemic. While other states imposed strict lockdowns, he left it up to county officials with few exceptions. Eventually, he decided to end all lockdown measures, and the state started running relatively normally. Unfortunately, with the spread of the delta variant, even Florida’s businesses are being impacted.

There is a labor shortage across the country in the wake of the pandemic, impacting businesses all over the nation. In Florida, the unemployment rate was 5 percent as of August. There were 167,000 jobs open in Southwest Florida, and 33,000 people were unemployed in the same region.

Career Source Florida has pointed to many reasons for the shortage, to include the retirement of thousands of ‘Baby Boomers’, as well as workers being pickier about where they work. According to the experts, employees are looking for higher pay and more attractive hours. From the looks of it, the labor shortage could continue for quite some time.

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