Florida State Prosecutor Suspended By Ron DeSantis Is Plotting Revenge

Florida State Prosecutor Suspended By Ron DeSantis Is Plotting Revenge

Ron DeSantis ENEMY Is Already Planning A Takedown

(ReliableNews.org) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is a no-nonsense politician who is adamant that woke policies have no place in his state. He’s gone after Disney for caving to the liberal agenda, and most recently, he took a stand against a Florida prosecutor he feels doesn’t have his constituents’ best interests at heart. That attorney is now plotting his revenge.

On August 4, DeSantis suspended Andrew Warren, a Democratic state prosecutor, for neglect of duty and “displaying a lack of competence.” The governor said he refuses to let the “pathogen of ignoring the law” become a practice in Florida. His speech was met with applause.

Warren responded to DeSantis in a tweet, saying he’s “not going down without a fight.” The prosecutor admonished the Florida governor, noting he’s been elected twice by Hillsborough County voters, and he serves them above all. He claims DeSantis is trying to “overthrow democracy” and has vowed to fight against the action, calling it an abuse of power.

The suspension came on the heels of Warren’s proclamation that he would not be enforcing the abortion ban and speaking out against DeSantis’ actions surrounding gender-affirming healthcare.

According to a news release, DeSantis has appointed Susan Lopez in Warren’s place while the suspension is in effect.

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