Food Supply Shortages Expected to Continue Into 2022

Food Supply Shortages Expected to Continue into 2022

( – One of the issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is food shortages. It has been compounded by a worker shortage and a supply chain crisis. Unfortunately, it seems these shortages could persist into 2022.

The food shortages are causing significant problems. Much like the toilet paper shortage of 2020, people have reportedly been hoarding food items. Additionally, schools across the country are having problems getting milk, chicken and other staples for kids’ school lunches.

In 2022, those food shortages are expected to continue. Not only might Americans have a hard time getting their hands on milk and dairy products, but there are going to be a lot of extremely unhappy people at breakfast on Sunday mornings. That’s because there could be a shortage of bacon.

There isn’t a bacon and pork shortage right now, but other problems are making it difficult to get the favorite breakfast items to shelves. The cost of feed is rising, making raising pigs more expensive. The trucker and labor shortage is also making it difficult to find American favorites in grocery stores. One hiccup could lead to a shortage.

President Joe Biden will need to take the supply chain crisis seriously if the American people hope to see any relief in the new year.

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