Former BLM Leader Reveals Disturbing Truth Behind Group

( – Black Lives Matter (BLM) has taken a lot of criticism in recent years for its anti-cop rhetoric. Some people have a bigger problem with the group and that is that it doesn’t actually seem to want to help improve the lives of black people. Recently, the founder of BLM St. Paul spoke out about the group and exposed the “ugly truth” behind it.

On May 26, Rashad Turner released a video entitled “The Truth Revealed about BLM” on YouTube. He said that he started a chapter of the organization in 2015 because he “believed the organization stood for” black lives. However, he said he soon found out that the group “had little concern for rebuilding black families.” He claimed they had even less concern about “improving the quality of education” for kids, so he resigned from the organization.

He spoke to Fox News about leaving the group and criticized it for working with unions to hurt the educational system. Fox host Lawrence Jones said Turner is “not an outlier,” other black people are saying the same thing. They are coming to realize BLM doesn’t support black families. All America has seen the past year is BLM and its disruptive involvement in protests. Apparently, bad players have hijacked BLM and turned it into something beyond its original intent.

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