Former Trump Official Wants Military to Focus Elsewhere

Former Trump Official Wants Military to Focus Elsewhere

( – Ronald Reagan launched the Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983. Nicknamed the Star Wars Program, it focused on developing a space-based array of lasers that would detect and shoot down any nuclear missiles aimed at the United States. Bill Clinton shut the program down. However, the nation experienced renewed interest in off-world operations with Donald Trump’s launch of the Space Force in 2019.

Heather Wilson, a former Air Force secretary for Donald Trump, spoke with the Washington Examiner about the future of the nation’s space defense program for an article published on May 12.

According to her, America’s early interest in space defense systems kicked off a chain of events involving the ability to use space during times of war or crises. As she explained, Russia and China began developing weapons capable of knocking out American spy and telecommunications satellites years ago. As a result, the Air Force and the Space Force need to develop effective strategies to deal with emerging space-based threats.

Republican presidents understood the importance of space defense. Will Biden step up to the challenge and make it a priority to protect American interests in outer space? We certainly hope so!

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