Four Democratic Governors Turn On Cuomo, Demand Resignation


( – Embattled Democrat Andrew Cuomo’s time in office as New York’s governor appears to be rapidly coming to an end. On August 3, New York’s Attorney General’s Office released an investigative report discussing its finding that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 current and former state employees in violation of state and federal laws.

On August 4, four prominent Democratic governors joined the growing list of party leaders calling for Cuomo’s resignation. Governors Ned Lamont (CT), Phil Murphy (NJ), Tom Wolf (PA), and Dan McKee (RI) issued a joint statement, adding that they were “appalled” at the findings of New York investigators.

President Joe Biden also called for Cuomo’s resignation shortly after the report’s release, as did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

New York State Assembly Democrats conducted a three-hour conference call early this week to discuss the scandal. Speaker Carl Heastie (D) said Cuomo has clearly lost the confidence of New Yorkers and “can no longer remain” governor. Even Rudy Giuliani commented on the matter.

Whether or not Cuomo resigns or ends up being impeached remains to be seen. However, it appears likely that won’t end his problems either way. At least four New York district attorneys have announced they launched investigations into Cuomo’s actions. Perhaps his old friend Rudy Giuliani can represent him? After all, he did defend Cuomo’s right to a fair trial shortly after the release of the AG’s report.

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