Fox News Betrays Trump Campaign

( – It’s no great secret that President Donald Trump hasn’t been happy with Fox News for a long time. You might recall the president predicting “the beginning of the end” for the network in late January 2020. More recently, Trump lashed out at Fox News for its campaign coverage during a November 3 phone-in interview with Fox & Friends hosts.

Fox News appeared to turn on the president on election night, placing the Arizona presidential election in the win column for Democratic rival Joe Biden at 11:20 pm Eastern, infuriating the Trump campaign.

Tellingly, the state had only reported about 73% of the vote at the time. Worse yet, Fox was the only major network calling the state, making it appear Biden won the first projected red-to-blue state Electoral College vote flip.

Fox News continued defending its decision shortly after midnight Eastern time. However, Republican National Committee spokesperson Elizabeth Harring and Trump campaign officials called on Fox News to retract their claim.

Arizona remained in the undecided column going into the daylight hours on November 4 on all the other major networks and election watching organizations. President Trump won Arizona in 2016 by more than three percentage points.

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