Fox News Host Says Biden’s Actions Have Caught Up With Him

Fox News Host Says Biden's Actions Have Caught Up With Him

( – President Joe Biden has been in office for four months, and it doesn’t seem to be going well. One crisis after another has slammed the administration. Recently, a Fox News host warned that summer would be wild because the president’s bad decisions are catching up to him.

Jesse Watters, host of “Watters’ World,” laid into the president for the “terrible decisions” he has been making. For example, the country is in the middle of a border crisis created almost entirely by Biden’s policies. There are also millions of job openings in the nation, but Watters believes the Biden administration has “kneecapped” the economic recovery. He then pointed out all of the money the administration has spent and wants to spend, saying the POTUS “doesn’t understand supply and demand.”

The Fox News host thinks the next few months will be rough because he doesn’t believe the president knows how to fix the problems he created. All of those poor decisions are beginning to “hurt the country at once,” and it’s a mess.

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