Fox News Implements New Hardline COVID Rule for Employees

Fox News Implements New Hardline COVID Rule for Employees

( – Fox News has taken a strong position to allow its workers to provide COVID-19 tests instead of supporting the concept of a vaccine mandate. However, the news giant recently implemented a new policy for its New York City employees, but it wasn’t by choice.

On December 18, The National Pulse reported it viewed an email communication sent to Fox News New York City employees explaining its new COVID-19 policy. According to the email, all in-person Fox employees must provide proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by December 27. Then, they would have an additional 45 days to submit proof of having a second dose.

The email went on to explain that Fox would no longer accept coronavirus testing as an alternative to vaccination once the new rule went into effect. Fox cited New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent announcement of a citywide vaccination mandate as the reason for its new rule.

Mayor de Blasio announced the new mandate on December 6. The press release noted the rule would affect about 184,000 businesses.

On December 15, the mayor issued Emergency Executive Order 317, which detailed the exact requirements in-person businesses must adhere to starting on December 27. Strikingly, the order listed few exemptions to the vaccine mandate, with none of them extended to individuals for religious purposes or medical conditions.

One has to wonder how long it will take for someone to challenge de Blasio’s order in court.

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