Fox News Strays Farther From Its Conservative Roots

( – Fox News has been playing both sides of the fence for several years now in a blatant effort to build viewership. Once President Donald Trump’s favorite network, Fox has fallen out of favor with him in recent months, particularly after they were the first network to call the state of Arizona for Joe Biden during the recent presidential election.

Many once-loyal viewers of Fox News have moved on to other networks more friendly to the president, like One American News Network (OANN) and Newsmax.

In a bid to capture viewers from the other side, Fox News announced a new line-up of shows and hosts for its daytime viewing hours, giving airtime to liberal voices and ideas.

However, the problem with Fox News isn’t programming or staffing. It’s the tone and direction the network has been taking subsequent to the 2020 presidential election.

It would appear that Fox News, once a beacon of conservatism, has deliberately steered itself into the treacherous waters of the mainstream, veering further away from their conservative audience along the way. Why? One obvious reason is simple; money. They want to appeal to audience members of both sides of the political spectrum to increase viewership. More viewers mean more advertising revenue.

With Democratic gains in the Senate and a highly divided Congress and country, now is not the time for Fox News to defect and turn to the dark reaches of leftist ideology. It’s high time the heads of Fox News woke up and returned to their conservative roots.

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