Gary Sinise’s Son Dies of Cancer

( – Movie lovers probably just need to hear the name Lieutenant Dan, and they instantly know who Gary Sinise is. The actor starred as Forrest Gump’s (Tom Hanks) lieutenant in the Vietnam War, where he lost his legs. Veterans across the country also know Sinise for the outreach he has done in the military community. Sadly, the actor just lost his son in real life. 

The Gary Sinise Foundation recently posted a heartbreaking message on its website honoring McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise. The 33-year-old died on January 5 from a rare cancer. According to a message on the website from Sinise, his son joined his foundation in 2017 and worked as the assistant manager of education and outreach. 

The actor said he was “thrilled and excited” to have his son onboard, helping with the important work of the foundation, which helps members of the armed forces and first responders. The foundation provides home modifications and vehicle adaptations for those wounded in battle and supports those dealing with trauma and loss.

A year after starting at the foundation, Mac Sinise was diagnosed with Chordoma. The extremely rare cancer is only diagnosed in the US about 300 times a year. In approximately 70% of cases, the cancer is cured when the initial tumor is removed, the actor stated. However, in about 30% of cases it returns. 

Unfortunately, Mac’s cancer returned, and Sinise said it began spreading in 2019. His son lost his ability to walk and eventually had to use a wheelchair. Still, while going through the treatments, he volunteered at the foundation. 

Mac, a gifted musician, also created an album. The week before it was released, he lost his battle with cancer. Sinise said the family laid him to rest on January 23 and “have been managing as best [they] can” since his death. He said he and his wife’s hearts are aching, but they are “comforted in knowing that [he] is no longer struggling.” They are also inspired by the way he fought. 

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