George Santos Attempting Another Run for Congress

( – Former Republican Rep. George Santos (NY) is awaiting trial for allegedly committing multiple federal crimes. In December, he became the sixth member of Congress to be expelled in more than 200 years. Now, he’s running for office again.

On March 7, Santos attended the State of the Union Address. Shortly after the speech, the disgraced former lawmaker posted a long message on X, formerly Twitter. He claimed he went to the address “with an open mind and heart,” but instead, he “witnessed a weak, frail president deliver spin and lies to the American people” from Congress.

Santos went on to say that a “real conservative” hasn’t represented New York since he left. He called Nick LaLota, the current Republican representative serving the First Congressional District, an “empty suit.” He claimed his successor was “willing to risk the future” of the majority and “country for his political gain.”

The former lawmaker announced his plan to run for Congress again, saying he intends to “shake things up.” He stated that he was excited to debate LaLota on his “weak record as a Republican.”

LaLota responded to Santos, saying he “lied about everything to get” elected. The representative stated that he “led the charge to expel him.”

The House overwhelmingly voted to expel Santos after a House Ethics Committee investigation accused him of spending campaign money on OnlyFans, Sephora, botox injections, Hermes, and other personal expenses.

Santos has pleaded not guilty to multiple federal charges against him. The Department of Justice accused the former lawmaker of money laundering, fraud, making false statements, theft of public funds, falsification of records, wire fraud, credit card fraud, and other crimes. He allegedly made charges on donors’ credit cards without authorization and lied to the Federal Election Committee.

The former congressman is facing decades in prison if convicted.

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