George Soros Allies Put Americans in Danger

( – When billionaire George Soros started flooding local district attorney races with millions of dollars, there was concern that he was up to no good. Some thought he was trying to “reform” the criminal justice system from the inside out. The actions of one of the DAs that he supported indicate that might have been exactly what he was doing.

According to a March 17 report by a local Fox affiliate, an unnamed prosecutor said there is talk that LA District Attorney George Gascón is planning to dissolve the Hardcore Gang Unit. A second prosecutor said it’s their understanding that “there’s going to be a dissolution of the unit April 1 or April 2.” The prosecutors say the Leftist DA is already undermining the “credibility of law enforcement” and claims officers are telling them that gangs are “laughing at them.”

For years, LA was synonymous with gang violence. MS-13 began in the city, so did other gangs like the Bloods and Crips. Last year was one of the most deadly in recent history for the city. If dissolving a gang unit in a city like that is what Leftists like Soros and Gascón want, the country is likely going to be a lot more dangerous.

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