Georgia Republicans to Hold Hearings on Election (REPORT)

( – The fight for Georgia’s electoral votes is still raging. Although Republican Governor Brian Kemp (R) certified the results, giving the win to Joe Biden, many members of his party are questioning the integrity of the vote. That’s why leaders in the state got together for a discussion.

On December 3, the state Senate held two hearings. The first was by the Senate Government Committee. Lawmakers evaluated the “election process to ensure the integrity” of the voting process. The second hearing, held by a judiciary subcommittee, listened to testimony about “election improprieties.” President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared before the committee to discuss voter fraud allegations.

Giuliani said the Georgia election was “a sham” and brought witnesses who said people voted in their name. The outcome of the election in the state is unlikely to change, but Republicans are discussing ways to make the process safer moving forward.

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