Georgia Senate Runoff Launches Investigation Following Illegal Voting Claims

( – Voter fraud allegations continue to mount in the State of Georgia as the country patiently awaits the outcome of its latest recount efforts. Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has defended Georgia’s election system’s integrity, repeatedly claiming there’s no evidence of systematic issues. However, new allegations emerged regarding election irregularities prompting him to announce a new investigation during a November 30 press conference.

According to Raffensperger, several private groups have allegedly been encouraging individuals outside the State of Georgia to register to vote in the January 5 runoff elections for both of its US Senate seats for the next Congressional term.

Continuing, Raffensperger explained his office was investigating four third-party groups: America Votes, Operation New Voter Registration, New Georgia Project, and Vote Forward. Allegations include attempting to register a dead person to vote, sending voter registration information to New York, and trying to get college students to register to vote in the runoff and then switch back to another state in future elections.

The runoff elections in Georgia may very well decide who controls the Senate during the next Congressional term — Republicans or Democrats. Georgia election officials must get to the bottom of these allegations before the January runoffs.

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