Ghislaine Maxwell a “Dangerous Predator” Prosecutor Says

Ghislaine Maxwell a

( – On Monday, December 20, Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers rested their defense in her trial for recruiting and grooming underage girls for her former boyfriend and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. The prosecution spent two full weeks presenting its case and questioning witnesses, during which time they called Maxwell a “sophisticated predator who knew exactly what she was doing.”

Lawyers aren’t allowed to present new evidence while making closing statements to the jury. They can only discuss information revealed during a trial. In Maxwell’s case, prosecutors had plenty of evidence to back up their predator claim.

Prosecutors called two dozen individuals to the witness stand, including four women who said Maxwell helped Epstein abuse them when they were underage teenagers.

Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey told jury members the four victims “put themselves through the hell of testifying” to finally achieve justice. Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe characterized Maxwell as the “lady of the house” and told jurors Epstein could never have abused underaged girls without her help.

“Maxwell was dangerous,” Moe explained, calling her a predator who ran the same scam on unwitting young victims “again, and again, and again.”

The defense tried to portray Maxwell as a pawn for prosecutors who lost the ability to hold Epstein accountable for his crimes after he allegedly committed suicide in a Manhattan detention center in 2019. They also attacked the four victims on the witness stand, accusing them of presenting false memories and hoping to profit from their testimonies.

The jury began deliberations Tuesday morning after hearing lengthy instructions from the judge late Monday. We’ll keep you up to date with a verdict when it becomes available.

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