Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Being Abused in Prison

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Being Abused in Prison

( – In July 2020, police arrested Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, for helping the accused sex offender groom and abuse underage girls. Although the financier escaped a pending conviction by committing suicide, his companion is awaiting her trial to begin on November 29. Throughout her stay at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Complex, her attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, requested her release at least six times, citing the deplorable conditions and her horrible treatment inside the prison.

The lawyer likens the scene inside the prison to the incarceration of Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs without the plexiglass and restrictive face mask. The accused alleges she’s enduring verbal and sexual abuse inside the prison walls every day.

Jail Conditions for Maxwell

Although jail isn’t a walk in the park, Sternheim wrote to the presiding judge that her client’s stay has been “reprehensible and utterly inappropriate” for a woman Maxwell’s age with no previous record. She went on to say that Epstein’s supposed accomplice poses no danger to society and doesn’t warrant such conditions.

Apparently, the prisoner lost 15 pounds from malnutrition and is subject to rough treatment by the guards, including a US Marshal who verbally chastised her outside the courtroom. He allegedly told the former socialite that she’s not special and the judge doesn’t care about her. The Marshal Service is investigating her claims, as they have a code of conduct law enforcement must follow.

In addition, the US Bureau of Prisons wrote a statement indicating they “thoroughly investigate” all potential misconduct or illegal activity to ensure the safety of every inmate and guard.

Although US District Judge Alison Nathan denied Maxwell’s previous requests for bail for fear Maxwell would flee, she has not yet ruled on the latest attempt.

The Upcoming Trial

Jury selection began on November 4 for the trial, where the prosecution and defense determine which of the 600 potential jurors will hear the case against the accused. Questionnaires ask her peers if they can remain impartial toward a sexual predator, how much they already know about the Epstein controversy and their thoughts about underage consent.

Maxwell faces six charges, including perjury, transportation of a minor with sexual intent, conspiracy, and sexual enticement and engagement of a minor over a multiple-year period. If convicted, Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison, where she could endure her current conditions for the long haul. To date, the accused maintains her innocence.

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