Ghislaine Maxwell’s Friend Calls Her a Victim

( – Ghislaine Maxwell has been catapulted into the news again after a documentary came out about her and her ex-boyfriend, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell is currently in prison awaiting trial for allegedly helping her deceased ex traffic underage girls. Now, one of her friends is trying to paint her as a victim.

In an interview on June 29, Lady Victoria Hervey, Prince Andrew’s ex, said she was shocked to hear the allegations against her friend. She said that “was not the Ghislaine” she knew. Hervey explained that she believes Epstein “brainwashed” Maxwell, claiming that she thinks her friend was “in way too deep and just couldn’t leave.”

Hervey said that Maxwell always wanted to be the center of attention and liked to brag that she was friends with then-President Bill Clinton. She said that she noticed how Epstein behaved around young women but thought it was because he was rich. Her ex, Prince Andrew, has been accused of using Epstein’s services, but denied the accusations. Hervey did not shed any light on that behavior.

Hervey said she believes prison is “really tough” on her friend. Maxwell is set to go to trial in the fall.

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