Giuliani: New York’s New Decision is Committing Murder

( – Democrats often claim they want to take care of inner cities and minority communities. A large part of their political platform is based around that. And yet, the Left often passes policies that hurt the very people they claim to want to protect and that’s what Rudy Giuliani says Liberals are doing in New York City.

In late March the NYC City Council passed a number of police reforms, including essentially ending qualified immunity. That means citizens can now sue officers for things they did while they were on duty. On Saturday, April 3, Giuliani spoke to NewsMax TV, saying the decision was “devastating” and he believes the Left will be murdering people with their reforms, especially people in black communities.

Police officers have said the new reforms will make it harder to do their jobs. In turn, that will make communities less safe. And if that happens, Giuliani is right, it could lead more lives lost in the most vulnerable communities.

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