Giuliani Served Indictment While Leaving 80th Birthday Bash

( – Once upon a time, Rudy Giuliani was known as “America’s Mayor.” He was the mayor of New York City during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and helped the country get through its grief. More than 22 years later, a lot has changed and that was on display at his birthday party.

On May 17, Caroline Wren, a Republican consultant, hosted a birthday party for Giuliani in Palm Beach, Florida. The former mayor turns 80 years old on May 28. Giuliani received a shock when he was walking to his car after the event around 11 p.m. when authorities served him with a notice of his indictment. The former mayor is one of 18 defendants charged with participating in a fake electors scheme in Arizona.

Guiliani had managed to avoid being served for weeks. On the same day that authorities caught up to him, he shared a photo of himself surrounded by friends and smiling at his birthday party. The photo, which has now been deleted from his X (formerly Twitter) account, had a caption that bragged about Arizona possibly having to dismiss the indictment if they didn’t find him by the next morning. He also said, “They much concede they can’t count votes.”

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) took a screenshot of the post and shared it on her X account, saying Giuliani was finally served and telling him “nobody is above the law.” The New York Times reported Mayes said her agents knew the former mayor was in Florida because of livestreams he’d made there. She said she would have liked to have served the defendant along with everyone else but accused him of taunting prosecutors online and avoiding their attempts to do so.

Richie Taylor, a spokesman for Mayes, said the agents who served the former mayor didn’t disrupt his birthday party at all. Ted Goodman, Giuliani’s spokesman, confirmed what Taylor said. He said the party guests had already left and added that Giuliani was “unfazed and enjoyed an incredible evening” with people who respected him and the contributions he made to society. Goodman said they are looking “forward to full vindication soon.”

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