GOP Congressional Candidate’s Home Vandalized

( – David Cawthorn, the Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 11th district, reported multiple incidents of vandalism in his hometown of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Local authorities are investigating the October 9 incidents which occurred at his home and the local GOP headquarters.

Cawthorn spoke with Fox and Friends about the incidents on October 13, telling them he awoke to vandals gluing several of his campaign signs to his driveway painted with some “not so subtle threats.” He also related vandals cut his head out of campaign signs “all over” his district.

Local ABC affiliate WLOS-TV posted photos showing damage to the GOP headquarters, a GOP billboard supporting local farmers, and the signs glued to Cawthorn’s driveway.

Cawthorn has been running a “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” campaign promoting unity. However, his Democratic opponent Rep. Moe Davis took the incident as an opportunity to criticize Cawthorn in an official statement, accusing him of “stoking anger” among his supporters while “promoting a false narrative” about North Carolina.

Perhaps vandalism in a Democratic-led district should come as no surprise after months of social and political unrest and violence in cities run by Democrats. Unfortunately, Rep. Davis missed the opportunity to unite with Cawthorn to show unity against further vandalism.

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