GOP Governor is Pushing Back on Joe Biden’s Catch and Release Program


( – When President Joe Biden took office in January, one of the policies he reinstated was the failed catch and release policy. That means Border Patrol releases immigrants when they encounter them in some cases. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is now pushing back on that policy.

On July 25, during an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures”, Abbott revealed the National Guard is arresting illegal aliens in his state. He said the president has the catch and release program, so he has the catch and jail plan. Abbott explained the Biden administration has opened the “floodgates” for immigrants coming from countries with low vaccination rates. He said Texas isn’t “playing games anymore.”

According to Abbott, the program isn’t just run by National Guard troops who are jailing people; there are also judges involved and a new booking system. When it began, Abbott’s program started with 1,000 beds, and people are being detained every day.

Texas has also sued Biden over his immigration policies multiple times. The state is going to court over the president’s refusal to deport more criminals, to reinstate the “remain in Mexico” policy, and ignoring COVID-19 protocols. It’s clear Abbott isn’t joking when he says his state isn’t playing anymore.

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