GOP Introduces Big Tech Plan That Could Change Everything

( – Big tech companies have enjoyed unchecked power over the content and management of their platforms. Online censorship has been a growing concern for a long time, but things came to a head earlier this year when Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube de-platformed Donald Trump and other leading conservatives. However, if Republicans legislators get their way, all that is about to change.

On July 6, House Judiciary Committee Republicans released the official GOP framework for reining in big tech companies. Ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) posted the two-page plan on the committee’s website.

Jordan and other Judiciary Committee Republicans proposed taking a three-pronged approach to “tackling the challenge” of taking on big tech companies and putting an end to their efforts to censor users.

  1. Speed: Recognizing that speed is of the essence, the committee recommends speeding up trials concerning antitrust cases against big tech companies. They plan to do this by removing some of the current barriers to a speedy review by the Supreme Court, and empowering state attorneys’ general involvement in enforcing antitrust laws.
  2. Accountability: Committee Republicans propose taking several steps to hold big tech companies accountable for their censorship efforts. Their recommendations include removing current protections enjoyed by big tech companies, preventing users from filing lawsuits against them and consolidating enforcement authority over big tech. At the moment, this is currently split between the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission.
  3. Transparency: The committee also plans on forcing greater transparency from big tech companies regarding their content moderation decisions.

The Republican Judiciary Committee plans on introducing the legislation to the full House for consideration once they have time to discuss the plan with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). It’s about time. Rep. Jordan told the Washington Examiner that “House Judiciary Republicans have had enough” of big tech companies targeting conservatives.

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