GOP Leader Reveals the Truth About Defunding and Demonizing Police

( – After the death of George Floyd in 2020, Democrats across the country pushed to defund the police. They wanted to take money from police budgets and redirect the funds into community projects. In some cities, like Minneapolis where Floyd died and NYC, they were successful. The police budgets were ravaged, but then, predictably, crime went up.

At the national level, the Left began pushing for police reform. Republicans are not necessarily against that idea, but they do not support demonizing law enforcement officers the way Democrats seem intent on doing. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has been working with them to come up with a bipartisan solution and he is optimistic about the future of a bill. However, he recently revealed one of the major hurdles the legislature faces.

The Truth About Defunding the Police

On Wednesday, June 16, during an interview with Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show” Scott discussed the negotiations. He explained that one of the problems with the way the Left has been demonizing police is that when crime rises the victims of violence are often black. He said he is “cautiously optimistic” that they can come together to create a good reform bill, but the Democratic Party has to “live within the parameters” he has set for them.

Those parameters include making sure that the “fused relationship” between law enforcement and black and brown communities remains intact. Also, qualified immunity is not up for debate. Scott will not agree to opening police officers up to personal liability for decisions they made while they were on the job. He said it is “too hard” for lawmakers to understand the struggles cops face each day, so Congress cannot “negotiate on [officers’] individual liability.

Crime Spiking

Senator Scott pointed to the recent rise in crime as an example of why law enforcement is so important. In cities like Portland, Chicago, and Detroit there has been a spike in murders and other violent crimes which is an indication it can “all go in the wrong direction.”

While Scott is optimistic, there has been an ongoing battle over the reform bill because the far-Left wants to specifically target law enforcement officers. They want to open the police up to individual liability, allowing citizens to sue cops they believe have wronged them. They’ve also indicated that they want to create a federal database of “bad” police officers. Republicans aren’t going to agree with either of those provisions and the bill will never go anywhere if the Left keeps pushing these ideas.

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