GOP Relying on Donald Trump More Than Ever

( – There’s little reason to doubt that Donald Trump remains the leader of the Republican Party. Anyone questioning the idea need look no further than the recent ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her position as head of the Republican Caucus for her outspoken disloyalty to the former president.

However, it’s not just Trump’s political might that bonds Republicans to Trump. It’s also his ability to resonate with the party’s base. In turn, that ability makes his support vital to Republican fundraising efforts.

On May 20, Politico reported on Trump’s ability to raise money for the GOP. The Republican National Committee (RNC) sent out 97 fundraising emails discussing Trump. They cover everything from his birthday to his social media ventures. Those messages constitute about 40% of all fundraising efforts from the RNC’s campaign account.

GOP fundraiser Dan Eberhart told Politico that “Trump is the biggest name in Republican politics” and brings in the most money. Republicans “need to lean into that,” he added.

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