GOP RINOs May Support D.C. Statehood, Insider Reports

( – The debate about whether or not Washington, DC should become a state has raged for decades. Since Democrats gained political power in the government this year, it has come to focus once again. The Washington, DC Admission Act, which has already passed the House, will make DC the 51st state if it can get past the Senate filibuster.

This, of course, is highly unlikely. According to Washington DC Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss (D), the filibuster might not be as much of a problem as people think. During an interview on Friday, April 16, Strauss maintained that Senate leadership (which is Democratic, of course) could rule this issue “exempt from the filibuster.” Even if not, Strauss continued, he is hopeful that some “principled Republicans” might vote in favor of statehood.

GOP lawmakers oppose DC’s statehood movement as it goes against the Founding Fathers’ intention for the federal government’s home. It would also be a major win for Democrats politically, as the area’s voters are predominantly liberal.

This statehood proposal still only has the official support of 45 Senate Democrats out of a possible 50. Even if the bill’s proponents can find a way to steer it around the filibuster (which is questionable), its success is far from guaranteed.

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