GOP Scores Big Win

GOP Scores Big Win

( – In 2018, after the midterm election, Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin passed laws to limit the executive powers of the incoming Democratic governor and his attorney general. The Left cried foul and claimed the GOP didn’t have the power to pass the laws during the lame-duck sentence.

In 2019, the state Supreme Court allowed the laws targeting the governor to stand. This week, the justices weighed in on the laws that targeted the attorney general.

The Lame-Duck Laws

The GOP legislators had to do with a number of issues including prohibiting Governor Tony Evers (D) ordering Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) to withdraw from lawsuits or let lawmakers intervene in suits and use their own attorneys. The laws also forced Kaul to get permission from Republican-led committees before he could settle lawsuits.

The law prohibiting him from dropping lawsuits was passed to prevent him from tanking the state’s suit against the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Supreme Court Ruling

The state Supreme Court ruled on July 9, upholding the laws that deprived Kaul of his powers. The justices do not believe the GOP’s actions were unconstitutional because the attorney general’s power is given to him by state laws, not the Constitution.

Justice Brian Hagedorn penned the majority opinion and held that the legislative branch has the authority to limit the attorney general’s power because the lawmakers are required to sign-off on the settlements since they’re the ones with the power to spend the people’s money.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) celebrated the victory and said the “rogue attorney general” will no longer be able to “unilaterally settle away laws…” that have already been passed by the legislature.


This was a huge win for the Republican Party in the state. Now, lawmakers won’t have to worry about radical Liberals destroying all of the progress the GOP has made in Wisconsin.

Now, they can get on with the businesses of passing laws and running the state to the best of their ability instead of wasting time in court.

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