GOP Senator Demands the Biden Administration Apologize to Capitol Police

( – For months in 2020, the police were attacked by Leftwing protesters across the country. BLM held events that decried the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. Democratic politicians encouraged the movement and stood against law enforcement. Fast forward to President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and now the Left is pretending the same people they spent months and years demonizing are “heroes.”

The biggest hypocrites of them all are sitting in the White House, and one Republican senator let them know.

Democratic Hypocrisy on Display

On February 10, the Democratic impeachment managers shared a video depicting Capitol Hill police officers as heroes on January 6 during the incident in Washington, DC. Make no mistake, they absolutely were heroic on that day. Were it not for their actions inside the building, things could have been a lot worse.

However, in the days after the incident, President Joe Biden compared the police response to that of the BLM protests over the summer. He claimed that had the people who broke into the Capitol been black, the police would have reacted differently. His comments painted the brave officers as racist.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ response wasn’t much better. She said the country “witnesses two systems of justice” claiming the police allowed “extremists” to “storm” the Capitol. But over the summer, the officers tear gassed “peaceful protesters.” You remember, the peaceful protesters who lit buildings on fire and damaged a church.

Lawmaker Demands Apology

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) couldn’t help to notice how hypocritical the Left was when they showed the heroic police video. They were using it as a tool to attack Trump, but completely ignored the way their very own president and vice president treated law enforcement.

The senator demanded an apology for the police officers that the duo accused of racism.

It’s highly unlikely either one of them will ever admit their comments were wrong, but Republicans should keep bringing it up anyway. They cannot be allowed to blame Trump for something he didn’t have any part of when he is the only president who has consistently and fervently defended the police in the last decade.

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