GOP Senator Fires Back at Reporter Over Ridiculous Statement

( – One of things many Americans have complained about during the pandemic is the rudeness of others, including Liberals who are among the worst offenders. Instead of just worrying about their own well-being many people think they’ve been given the authority to police others. When rudeness is combined with the need for control with politics, it’s especially obnoxious.

Recently, a Republican senator encountered one of those people. Instead of getting angry, he put them firmly in their place.

Reporter’s Demand

On Wednesday, March 24, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was at a press conference addressing the press when one of the journalists asked him to put on a mask. He refused, telling the reporter that he wasn’t going to put on a mask when he is talking on camera. He also pointed out that they’d all had the COVID-19 vaccine, gesturing to his colleagues. The reporter said something else and Cruz responded that reporters were “welcome to step away” if they didn’t feel comfortable.

The senator told the reporter that the whole point of getting the vaccine was to be able to do something as simple as holding a presser. He also said he and others were all following the CDC guidelines.

What Does the CDC Say?

The CDC has said that people who are vaccinated can be around one another after they receive the shot. Ted Cruz was standing with people who he said have all been immunized. The reporters were in the room, but they were standing back some distance. He was not putting anyone in danger.

It’s most important to know that some Democrats, like White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, frequently meet with reporters without wearing a mask. President Joe Biden held his first press conference on Thursday and didn’t wear a mask either, nobody yelled at him to wear one. It’s almost as if the comments to Cruz were politically motivated and not out of a fear of safety.

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