GOP Senator Responds To MLB Decision

( – Liberals were outraged when Georgia passed its election security bill in March and Governor Brian Kemp signed it. They claimed it was the new Jim Crow law, and corporations, including Major League Baseball, reacted. The MLB even pulled the All-Star game out of the state. Now a Republican senator has responded to the nonsense.

On April 5, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a scathing letter to MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred. He asked the commissioner if he plans to maintain his membership at the Augusta National Golf Club since he has decided the state is so bad the MLB has to move the All-Star game to Denver. Rubio called the decision hypocritical and condemned the commissioner for the league’s ties to the Chinese government. Rubio also pointed out how hollow MLB’s decision is considering it has no problem supporting a foreign government that is committing horrific acts against minorities.

Aside from the hypocrisy of the MLB, it’s important to understand that Georgia has the right to secure its elections. Why does the MLB and the Left have such a problem with making sure every legal vote counts?

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