GOP Spearheads Religious Freedom Efforts, Demands Biden Take Action

GOP Spearheads Religious Freedom Efforts, Demands Biden Take Action

( – When the Pilgrims traveled to America in the 1620s, they were searching for a place to practice their religion freely. The settlers who followed them were looking for the same thing. So, when the Founding Fathers set out to frame the new government after the American Revolution, they made freedom of religion one of the most important parts of the Constitution.

The First Amendment’s right to religious freedom is one of the inalienable rights in the Constitution. However, many conservative Christians have felt that right has been eroded over the last few decades, and they want to fix it. It’s one reason why former President Donald Trump was so well-respected in the religious community; he spent four years making it a top priority. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Joe Biden is taking it as seriously as his predecessor. That is why a group of lawmakers is calling him out.

Take a Stand

On May 5, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Senator James Lankford (R-OK), Rep. French Hill (R-AR) and a group of bipartisan lawmakers called on President Biden to take a stand for religious freedom. The commander-in-chief has been in office for more than 100 days, but he has still failed to nominate someone to fill the role as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.

The legislators sent a letter to Biden stressing the importance of protecting the right to worship in the US and abroad. America has always been a leader on that front, and they want to make sure that doesn’t change. Especially since countries like China are threatening those rights. Their behavior goes well beyond restricting religious freedom. The communists are currently accused of committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims in their country.

The lawmakers told the president that protecting religious freedom is “one of the most basic human rights,” and it has always been a bipartisan part of foreign policy. The president must fill the Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom position to ensure that protection continues.

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