Gov. Abbott Issues Order Banning Vaccine Mandates

Gov. Abbott Issues Order Banning Vaccine Mandates

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has made it clear he won’t allow Democrats to dictate how people choose to keep themselves safe. He has implemented a number of orders to prevent mandates in his state and the most recent one targets vaccines.

When the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine, it left a loophole open allowing for vaccine mandates. Cities across the US are already announcing plans to force the jab on public employees. On August 25, Abbott issued an executive order banning any state or local agency from requiring people to get the shots. The order prohibits “vaccine mandates and vaccine passports subject to legislative action.”

The governor also added the vaccine mandate issue to the special session agenda. That means Texas lawmakers will have to take up the issue and hopefully codify his executive order. Abbott said their involvement is important because it will prevent a “patchwork of vaccine mandates” across the state.

Republicans believe forcing the vaccine onto people is a violation of their rights. Not only do the mandates force people to undergo a medical procedure they do not necessarily want, they also ask people to disclose their private health information. Abbott’s executive order ensures cities don’t violate the rights of Texans.

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