Gov. Newsom Makes Energy Promises He Can’t Keep


( – California is well-known for its Liberal policies, but recently Governor Gavin Newsom (D) may have taken it a step too far. The Democrat issued an order outlining a plan to ban gas-powered cars. Now, the EPA is questioning the legality of the directive.

Newsom’s Order

On September 23, Newsom issued an executive order to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2035. The governor cited global warming as the reason and said climate change is “affecting the health and safety” of Californians.

The order requires regulators in the state to develop plans to sell more zero-emissions vehicles to gradually phase out gas-powered ones over the next 15 years. The governor also wants the heavy-duty trucks on the road to be zero-emissions by 2045.

Newsom said, “California wants to dominate” the zero-emissions vehicle industry. There might be a problem with that, though.

The EPA Responds

On September 28, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler sent Newsom a letter questioning the decision to issue the executive order decision and its legality. The Trump official pointed out the state is “already struggling to maintain reliable electricity,” so how do they expect to build up a fleet of electric cars when they “can’t even keep the lights on.”

Wheeler also said the order “raises serious questions” about whether or not the law is legal. Further, any attempt to change the regulations requires approval from the EPA.

The Trump Administration doesn’t believe California could handle such a big change. The state can barely take care of its current problems. As this electric car drama unfolds, parts of the Golden State are literally on fire. Why isn’t Newsom trying to figure out how to solve that problem? That seems far more critical, and the residents might appreciate it if their governor would pass policies that prevent their houses from burning down rather than dictating what kind of vehicle they should drive.

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