Government Makes Huge Decision About Guantanamo’s Dangerous Criminals

( – Former President George W. Bush opened the US military prison at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Once home to 800 suspected terrorists, the facility now holds about 40 prisoners. Military officials recently announced a major decision regarding some of the prison’s most dangerous criminals.

On April 4, the US Southern Command issued a press release discussing its decision to transfer prisoners from the facility’s Camp VII to Camp V. Camp VII was established in 2006 with its exact location kept as a closely guarded secret for years.

The camp’s prisoners have been held in secret CIA detention facilities, informally known as “black sites.” The decision to transfer the prisons from the camp was concerning enough to military officials that they used intelligence community assets to help plan the move.

Of particular concern is the Democrats’ long-standing efforts to shut down Guantanamo. Republicans sparred with Barack Obama over the future of the base. Aides working for Joe Biden recently launched a formal review of the Guantanamo prison. The White House recently confirmed the president’s intention to shut down the base.

The operative question concerns the eventual future of the prison’s inmates in the event of a full closure. Would they be moved to a different detention facility, repatriated to other countries who will accept them, or worse case, sent to prisons inside the United States?

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