Governors Prohibit Passage of Vaccine Passport Bill

( – The US Supreme Court has consistently upheld the right of citizens to privacy while making medical decisions. Nevertheless, governments and businesses have begun discussing using vaccine passports as a means of screening accessibility to certain services to individuals who cannot prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

On May 24, Alabama’s Republican Gov. Kay Ivey joined a growing number of governors banning the use of vaccine passports in their states. The new law prohibits governmental entities and privately owned businesses from requiring proof of vaccination to receive goods or services. The law also forbids the issuance of proof of vaccination by government agencies.

The Republican governors of Florida and Texas already banned the use of COVID-19 passports by executive order. Several other Republican-led states are considering similar bans on vaccine passports either by legislation or executive orders issued by their governors.

America is a nation based on personal liberty and freedom and requiring citizens to carry COVID passports crosses a line. What’s next, a document proving one’s religious affiliation? Sexual orientation?

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