Goya CEO Robert Unanue Says Shutting Down Economy Was About Breaking America’s Spirit

(ReliableNews.org) – When COVID-19 began spreading in 2020, President Donald Trump warned states not to make the cure worse than the disease. In other words, overreacting and shutting down the economy might hurt the American people more than the virus.

Most of the states didn’t heed his warnings, and soon the economy was spiraling. Millions of people lost their jobs. Kids were at home, and their education was disrupted. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors permanently. People started getting evicted, and the president sprung into action to try to stop the bleeding. While he tried to make sure people were financially stable, the Left accused him of not caring about COVID-19. It was a lose-lose situation.

Now, nearly a year after states started shutting down and as Trump comes to the end of his first term, one of his allies is speaking out about the states’ responses to the coronavirus.

Broken Spirit

On January 15, Goya Foods President and CEO Robert Unanue spoke to the “Fox & Friends” hosts about the economic shutdown last year. He said that he thinks the shutdowns were the worst response politicians could have had to the coronavirus. “They weaponized coronavirus,” he said.

Unanue explained that he believes it was because the country was in an election year, implying Democrats used the virus for votes. What ended up happening is that the shutdowns “killed [people’s] spirits” because they took away Americans’ “ability to work.”

Trump Was Right

President Trump worried about that very thing. That’s why he implored states to take a surgical approach in their response to the virus. Democratic governors ignored him and crippled their economies. In 2021, states like New York and California still have harsh restrictions in place even though the virus is raging through their towns as well.

Unanue said the Democrats basically “declared martial law” when they decided to shut everything down. He believes it was “criminal” because they did it for “political gain.” He concluded the discussion by saying something else Trump warned about: The Left wants to “cancel our culture, our history, our liberty.”

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